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Human Rights Violations in the Nigerian Banking Sector

In making this presentation we would first of all highlight the major developments that have characterised the evolution of the Banking system in the country as currently configured. In this regard we would look at some details on the following issues; Mobile Banking, Agent Banking, Cryptocurrency and thereafter conclude the presentation by focusing on the theme: FinTech: The future of Banking in Nigeria.

We would then bring the presentation to a close with some concluding observations.

UBA is Africa’s best and most resilient banking group with operations in 20 Announces Appointment of Deputy Managing Directors for Nigeria and Africa.

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Many undergraduates in Nigerian universities dabble in internet fraud. Some have been caught by the law. He was charged for impersonation, possession of fraudulent documents and attempting to obtain money by false pretences. These cases attest to the pervasive nature of internet fraud in Nigerian universities. My aim was to determine how this subculture is organised among students in tertiary institutions.

Page 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Nigerian Banking Sector Demonstrates Commitment to Sustainable Banking. Practice has to date been limited, pointing to the insufficiency of internal capacity or management.

The objective of using these tactics is to create an environment of fear so that the employees will comply with any instruction issued. Just as Pharaoh used the whip to keep the Israelites enslaved in Egypt, the banks commit these crimes against humanity and other human rights violations to keep the bank employees in check. To create this atmosphere of fear, a number of senior officials in our Nigerian banks turn themselves into demigods. Unfortunately, these leaders either fail or choose to ignore the impact of their horrific attitudes on their staff.

The perpetrators of these crimes against humanity in the sector, like other gross human rights violators such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Slobodan Milosevic, Idi Amin, Radovan Karadzic and Charles Taylor, are narcissistic, egocentric megalomaniacs. These bank executives find inflicting pain on their employees to be an aphrodisiac.

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Register now for your free, tailored, daily legal newsfeed service. In October , the CBN changed the Nigerian banking model from a.

We, humans, can become an easy target for malicious actors who want to steal our most valuable personal data. Criminal minds can reach these days further than before, into our private lives, our homes and work offices. And there is little we can do about it. Source: Federal Trade Commision. For this reason, we need to know what are the most popular techniques malicious actors are using to get unauthorized access to our private information and financial data.

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Moreover, these emails will seem to come from an official source like bank institutions or any other financial authority, legitime companies or social networks representatives for users. You will be redirect to a fake login access page that resembles the real website.

Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

This was contained in the Financial Inclusion Newsletter, 2nd quarter publication, volume 4 issue 2. The newsletter is published quarterly from the Financial Inclusion Secretariat. In , the Apex bank in collaboration with major stakeholders launched the National Financial Inclusion Strategy with the aim of reducing financial exclusion rate from Specifically, adult Nigerians with access to payment services is to increase from Aishah Ahmed mentioned that about

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Emefiele extends Financial Inclusion target year to 2024

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Unfortunately, there was no call credit on her phone. She then tried texting him on Whatsapp but got no immediate response. So, she decided to top up her credit using her mobile banking app in order to call Makinde. But the app malfunctioned. Omolara tried many times to use it but all to no avail.

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This book discusses the role of capital markets and investment banking in Nigeria, the largest frontier market economy in the world by both population size and gross domestic product. Offering a systematic framework combining conceptual principles with real practice, the book enables the reader to gain useful insight into how capital markets and investment banking work in the real world of a frontier market.

The book provides a synopsis of the economic attractiveness, financial systems intermediation and capital markets, as well as the regulatory framework within a frontier market. It explores capital raising through equity and underwriting and private equity, paying particular attention to putting capital to work on mergers and acquisitions, project and infrastructure finance and real estate finance. Furthermore, it analyses asset management, pension industry and securities trading in a frontier market.

The authors use detailed case studies from Nigeria to illustrate the operations of investment banking in frontier markets.

9, Harrowdene Office Park, Western Service Road, The Development of Banking in Nigeria State High Courts on banking matters from to date in.

The major regulatory objectives of the bank as stated in the CBN Act are to: maintain the external reserves of the country, promote monetary stability and a sound financial environment, and to act as a banker of last resort and financial adviser to the federal government. The central bank’s role as lender of last resort and adviser to the federal government has sometimes pushed it into murky regulatory waters. After the end of imperial rule the desire of the government to become pro-active in the development of the economy became visible especially after the end of the Nigerian civil war , the bank followed the government’s desire and took a determined effort to supplement any short falls in credit allocations to the real sector.

The bank soon became involved in lending directly to consumers, contravening its original intention to work through commercial banks in activities involving consumer lending. However, the policy was an offspring of the indigenisation policy at the time. Nevertheless, the government through the central bank has been actively involved in building the nation’s money and equity centers, forming securities regulatory board and introducing treasury instruments into the capital market.

The Emergence of Internet Banking in Nigeria: An Appraisal

Banks have never been under such pressure to perform, stakes have been raised even higher, and performing well on customer experience is the new norm. Our 13th consecutive year of the Banking Industry Customer Experience Survey reveals that more than ever before, there is lower differentiation and lower satisfaction scores as the gap narrows between rated banks. This indicates a higher level of customer expectation than the experience being delivered. A key approach to realise differentiation in a sea of homogenous players is through personalised experiences.

As one of the Six Pillars of experience excellence, we see Personalisation as the most valuable component. Individualised attention makes customers feel valued and drives an emotional connection to the brand.

Human Rights Violations in the Nigerian Banking Sector. All opinions on this page/site constitute the authors best estimate judgement as of the publication date and are subject to change without notice. Investors should see.

Oftentimes, the con artists convince their marks to open bank accounts under the guise of sending or receiving funds. The story may be spun further, and the scammer will ultimately convince the victim to open the account in their name or register a limited liability company and allow money transfers to flow into the account. In reality, however, the fraudsters transfer stolen money into the account and instruct their unsuspecting crime accomplices into forwarding the money to accounts controlled by the fraudsters.

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